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S23 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) and has been studied and proven to increase muscle mass, reduce fat mass, and has a very high binding affinity to the androgen receptors.

It is non-steroidal and has tissue-selective anabolic effects in muscle and bone, while sparing other androgenic effects that come from anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

It also has been shown to decrease prostate size in studies, which is the opposite of a very common negative side effect of anabolic steroids (enlargement of the prostate).

The Study On S23 Can Be Found Here:

  • Great lean mass builder
  • Notable increases in strength and endurance
  • Enhanced levels of fat oxidization
  • Can completely off-set catabolism in a calorie deficit
  • Body fat melts off much easier
  • Greatly enhanced levels of muscle hardness, dryness, and vascularity
  • Zero water retention

Basically, S23 is a jacked up version of S4, exerting all of the same benefits to an even greater extent, without the vision side effects.

One thing that is important to note is that all SARMs don’t work the same, despite exerting anabolic activity in the same manner.

Each SARM has a different way it affects the body, as they each have their own gene transcription effects.

Based on what I’ve seen through anecdotal logs and personal friends experiences, S23 essentially falls into the extreme “hardener” category.

By this I mean that pre-contest, most bodybuilders utilize DHT drugs such as Masteron, Proviron and Winstrol to harden up and add a level of grainy detail to their physique that would otherwise be unachievable.

S23 falls into this category perfectly, and while it could be used in a bulk, due to how strong it is, and how dry of a compound it is, I’d be compelled to say it’s best to save it for cutting phases where the goal is to preserve lean muscle mass, strength, and reach a crazy level of muscular detail.

I have heard it being compared to a high dose of Winstrol on numerous occasions, or just a souped up version of S4 essentially.

Another way to describe this kind of compound is it can make you look quite a bit leaner than you are.

By this I mean that 10% body fat on S23 will look drastically more grainy and dry than 10% body fat off of S23. The same goes for drugs like Masteron and Winstrol.

These compounds have a blatant cosmetic effect on the muscle that no other kind of compound can achieve.

This is why I deem these kind of compounds “cosmetic” compounds that should be reserved for cutting phases.

Having dry, grainy muscles when you are bulking up isn’t usually the greatest recipe for success, as having some extra water weight does definitely help when it comes to joint lubrication as you get stronger, injury prevention, and other benefits.

This doesn’t mean that S23 doesn’t have a place in a bulk at all; I would just reserve it for cutting myself.

During the studies done on S23, human equivalent doses of 0.5mg – 50mg were utilized.

This is a very general range, so it is tough to say exactly where the dosage requirements would lie to exert the benefits you would be seeking, however, the consensus amongst those I know who’ve tried it at varying levels believe the sweet spot to be around 20mg-30mg.

One of my close friends ran S23 for a duration of 8 weeks for the last 2/3 of his 12 week cut.

The purpose of using it was to maintain lean muscle, maintain strength, and achieve the same drying out effects he would from DHT compounds he would normally use.

He used a dose of 30mg of S23, spread out throughout the day into 3x 10mg doses.

Without knowing the half-life of the compound, the best approach was to split the dosages up as much as possible to ensure a stable concentration of the compound in the blood stream.

Over the course of those 8 weeks, he noticed the same cosmetic enhancement effects that he has in the past with the DHT compounds he used to rely on.

By the time the cut was finished, he had no negative side effects, had maintained all of his muscle and strength, and had achieved a dryer look than he does when he doesn’t utilize DHT drugs to harden his physique up.

This individual is on TRT, so the blatant side effect that would probably be experienced was mitigated entirely (suppression), but there were no negatives noted at all on his end.

His conclusion was that he would definitely use it again in the future, and that it is a worthwhile compound to research if you are looking for that edge in your physique for a bodybuilding/physique show, photo-shoot, or you just want to reach your best looking physique to date.

Absolutely. No question about it with this one.

Honestly, on any SARM you shouldn’t even be asking this question, as even if there is slight suppression, you want to recover to hormonal homeostasis as quickly as possible.

S23 will not only suppress you more than all the other “mainstream” SARMs would, but it could completely shut you down.

Now, this isn’t something to freak out about necessarily, as being “shutdown” doesn’t mean your endocrine system has crashed and will never recover, it just means you probably need a more intensive PCT.

This would comprise of at minimum Clomid + Nolvadex (discount code “DC15” will save you 15% on your order of both).

One of the main reasons that individuals look to SARMs vs. anabolic steroids is that there is no hormonal shutdown.

This is not necessarily the case with S23, as it has shown to completely shut down the test subjects in the trials.

This was of course reversed in the trials once the compound was discontinued, but this is definitely something to note if you are going to be researching it in the future, or are even thinking about it.

The reason why my friend who ran it encountered no negative suppression related side effects is because he is always on a hormone replacement dose of Testosterone, so his physiological function that is dictated by his Test levels remained at a high level for the entirety of his S23 cycle.

S23 is arguably the only SARM currently known that can replicate results equivalent to that of moderate doses of more powerful steroids.

During my friend’s S23 cycle he frequently mentioned that what he was experiencing seemed nearly identical to what he would experience on a very high dose of Winstrol.

Dr. Tony Huge also reported this same finding during his trial of S23 recently:

Others have reported it fairing very well compared to high doses of Anavar and Winstrol as well.

It seems to be consistent across the board that this is a hardener/dry compound that produces a leaner, more conditioned look to the physique.

  • Potential hair loss if you are prone to male pattern baldness (depending on the mechanism of action, can be mitigated with RU58841 + Ketoconazole shampoo + Minoxidil).

Unless the hair loss is initiated via the conversion to DHT, it will be a temporary shed at most that is induced by S23.

I have only heard of 1 reported case of hair loss from this compound so far (my friend had no issues with it), but I’m sure as more start researching this compound, more will crop up.

The mechanism of action is accepted that none of the SARMs convert to DHT in the body though, so if DHT levels remain unaffected by S23, the hair loss likely isn’t initiated via the acceleration of male pattern baldness, which is the only type of hair loss that is permanent, so it could possibly just be the chemical reaction to the compound itself in the body resulting in a temporary shed, but that remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Tony has reported that his hair loss continued even after discontinuing the S23, therefore we can conclude that it wasn’t the S23 that was causing his hair loss issues in the first place. Several other individuals who are currently logging S23 have reported no hair loss so far as well. It seems that this is more than likely a hair safe SARM just like the other more traditional SARMs are. 

  • Increased aggression comparable to that of RAD140. If you are a hot head or already have a bad temper, I suggest avoiding S23 entirely.
  • Testosterone suppression to a large extent.
  • Temporary testicle shrinkage (reversible during PCT)
  • Decrease in prostate size (actually a benefit as anabolic steroids are notorious for increasing prostate size)

This article is intended for educational/informational purposes only. This product is intended as a research chemical only.


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