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Steroids Before and After

I unfortunately have become an EXPERT in Estrogen in men.  In particular I’m really awesome at having mine be way too high, or way too low and completely missing the ‘sweet spot’ where you feel great, pack on muscle, lose fat, and have a ravenous sex drive.

If you aren’t on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or aren’t cycling steroids, estrogen is probably something, that as a man, you don’t have to think about at all.

Although more and more often you are seeing otherwise healthy men with unusually high estrogen levels, that have never done steroids.

Our environment is becoming increasingly toxic.  Many of the chemicals we encounter on a daily basis, have estrogen like compounds in them that will raise a man’s E levels.

That’s not what this post is about. Just to say that unless you’re on gear or TRT you’ve likely not had to worry about this very tricky hormone.

I also need to point out I was wrong on my article about arimidex.  A-dex did not break my dick per se, on it’s own.  It broke it by driving E levels too low.

So arimidex and other AI’s aren’t inherently bad, they’re just powerful and easy to overdose.  They’re also extremely useful if your doc chemical research nolvadex E has swung the other way and is too high.

I wanted to make this list of symptoms because when I was searching the internet for “High Estrogen in men” or “low E2 in in men symptoms” I kept coming across the SAME regurgitated list.

It’s an extremely confusing list and it’s not at all accurate.  If you’ve done your own searching before finding this website, maybe you know the one I’m talking about, it’s got “big belly” as one of the symptoms.  What??

Here’s what I’ve found in real life to be TRUE symptoms

High Estrogen

Fat fingers – Not dramatically, but if you wear rings they suddenly stop fitting.

Loss of definition – disappearing abs, even while dieting hard

Suddenly stop losing fat  – even with good diet and being on steroids

Facial Bloating

Don’t expect this to be dramatic like you look like you’re having an allergic reaction to shellfish, or you put on 50 pounds and can see it in your face.  It’s not that.  But if your E gets too high, you’ll notice in the mirror your face is just puffier, like it normally would if you were 20 pounds heavier.

I have an old injury on my cheek from falling off a bicycle, and that immediately swells a little when my E is too high.  Again, I don’t think friends and family would notice, but I notice.

I’m 41 years old now.  I’m lucky, I have good genes and look about 30.  But when my E is high, my face puffs up and the extra puffiness, brings out crazy BAGS under my eyes and wrinkles that aren’t normally there.  I look OLD with high E.  If you look hung-over all the time, it could be high E.  Or you could just be old!  Lol.

If you’re dieting hard, and lean enough to see an ab or two, but still look fat in the face it’s probably high E.  Now if you’re just fat that’s a different story, but if your face doesn’t match your current leanness, or came on suddenly even as your waistline goes down, it could be a sign of high E.

The Gear stops working

This is the biggest tip-off that your E has gotten too high.  You start having bad days in the gym, dropping reps, looking flatter in the mirror, even while injecting yourself twice a week and eating plenty of protein!  You start thinking “what am I even doing this for?”  It’s the E. Get the E down and the gear will start doing it’s thing again.

Erectile Dysfunction

You can probably GET it up, but it’s just not as hard as it used to be, and it’s very difficult to keep it up.  If this starts happening suddenly, don’t listen to the morons on the internet forums, it’s NOT “all in your head” it IS a chemical imbalance.  You find it’s hard to stay hard for sex.  And as your E climbs higher you even have trouble staying hard masturbating.

Sex stops feeling as good.  It feels like every girl is terrible at giving blowjobs.  You can still come, but it’s a lot of work.  You shouldn’t look at porn anyway because excessive porn use will give you ED on it’s own.  But if you do, you notice even porn starts to get BORING.

For me personally the desire, the libido was still there, I still WANTED girls, my body just wouldn’t cooperate.  Very frustrating to say the least.  Don’t feel bad about it, it’s a chemical imbalance that will all straighten itself out when you get the E under control.

With high E, Viagra and Cialis work very well.  Cialis works incredibly well for me with high E.  I take one 20mg pill and I can have crazy rock hard erections any time I need one for FIVE DAYS!  I don’t understand why.  It’s only supposed to be effective for 36 hours, but I’m good to go for a long time.

So don’t panic if high E has broken you dick, the pills are a great backup plan until you get the hormones balanced.  Low E ED is another story…. see below.

Noticeably Smaller Loads / Crappy Orgasm

Yeah I know, gross.  But this is a very clear sign something is amiss with your E.  Unfortunately this one is almost exactly the same when your E is too high and too low.  When you orgasm it just feels.  ehhh.  Ok.  Not bad, but certainly not the mind-blowing, awesome experience it is when your hormones are in balance.  I’ve heard it called “dull orgasm”.  I think that’s a very appropriate description.

If all of your orgasms are IN your wife/girlfriend, you may not notice this one, but if they are by yourself or ON your lady, you will definitely notice this one.

With too high or too low E there is a large decrease in the overall volume.  Very noticeable.  I feel like I’m down to half or less of the normal amount, when E is out of range.  You may also notice things are… thicker and whiter than usual, like you are dehydrated, even though you may be drinking plenty of water.

Dizziness – I do get a little dizzy when E is too high.

Emotional / Crying watching TV/movies – Yep!  I CRIED like a woman watching these 2 birds do a ‘love dance’ on the nature channel!  Lol, I’m not even kidding.  And I didn’t even recognize it as high E at the time, I just thought “well it was really moving”.  Really??  Lol.

Tight Balls

When my E is really high, my balls are high and tight more often than not.  You know like they normally are when you’re cold.  But they’re like that a lot of the time.  You can be otherwise warm body temp, but they just won’t hang low like normal.  

It’s not that it’s impossible, after a long hot shower they will for a bit.  But if you notice they are high and feel tight often even when you are warm, this is definitely a sign of high Estrogen.

Low Estrogen

Erectile Dysfunction

What?!  Again??  Yes again.  Your properly functioning dick is unfortunately the first thing to go when E gets out of range.  The other symptoms are tolerable or don’t really flare up until you are way out of range. But to have proper erectile function you really have to be in that 20-30 range.

Low E ED is worse than high E because Viagra and Cialis don’t even work.  They might cause a slight improvement, but they won’t give you a raging boner as promised.

Horrible Acne

High T, LOW E is a disaster for acne.  I never, ever, ever had an acne problem in my life even as a teenager.  I got a pimple or two sure, but nothing bad.  When my E was way too low for way too long on cycle I broke out in nasty, deep CYSTIC acne all over my shoulders and back.  I was left with red scars for almost a year afterwards.  When my E was way too high, my skin was remarkably clear, even on copious amounts of gear.

Achy Joints / Excessive joint cracking

This is the easiest one to diagnose.  The libido / ED one is tricky because both can cause it, but achy joints is only low E.  When my E was low I got really bad hip pain, that kept me up at night.  At all of 40 years old!  I had to completely stop bench pressing because my shoulders were so bad.  Shoulder pain kept me up at night too.

And I missed a couple leg workouts because of hip and knee pain.  I’ve always had shoulder issues from too much surfing.  But I’ve NEVER had hip/knee pain.  You can have joint pain from age, lifetime of abuse, not doing your external rotator exercises then trying to bench heavy, etc. But if it all comes on in a month or two, mid cycle when you’re running an AI, it’s probably low E.

I could turn my neck to the right or left and get a wicked ‘CRACK!’ sound with low E.  I never had that before.

Low Appetite – you just aren’t hungry with low E.

You’re ripped – it’s easy to get/stay lean with low E.  You won’t bloat at all, and you have no appetite.  My body looked good when my E was too low, but my dick was broken and my joints were a mess.  Not worth it.

You don’t sleep much I woke up even more often than usual, got to bed late all the time, would roll around with insomnia, and averaged maybe 6-7 hours a night.  It’s not the worst symptom, but it’s definitely noticable.

NOT a Symptom of High or Low E

Hot flashes, increased body temperature.

You “run hot” from being on copious amounts of steroids.  It has nothing to do with high or low E.  Take Testosterone injections, your metabolism increases dramatically, and you literally burn off more calories in the form of heat, then someone not on T.

I’ve had ‘hot flashes’ where I’m sweating through my shirt in my office chair while everyone else in the office is comfortable.  And I’ve had that with both really low and way too high E.  It’s not a symptom.

Gynocomastia – I know this IS a symptom of high E for some guys.  But I never had it, even when I had a reading of 106!  So if you’re counting on gyno to be your red flag to diagnose high E, don’t.

It seems like the guys that were naturally big/husky in gradeschool, get gyno issues, and the guys that were skinny string-beans don’t.  I was a skinny kid, and I’ve never had gyno issues even with way out of range, high E.

Panic attacks / Anxiety – Not for me.  Not when high or low.  I have had AWFUL anxiety episodes in my life in the past, but it was because of STRESS for extended amounts of time, and the resulting andrenal fatigue from that stress.  E didn’t affect this for me.

Loss of morning wood – Nope.  I had fantastic night and morning boners with high and low E.  The low E ones would WAKE ME UP it was so hard.  Which was epicly frustrating because I couldn’t get that same dick to work later on with a woman.

Excessive porn use will DEFINITELY kill your morning wood. So stop doing that, before you blame low/high E.

Redness on the face/chest – You get this from doing steroids!  The extra testosterone increases your red blood cell count, and blood volume, and yeah you look a little reddish in the chest /face area.  I LIKE it.   I look like I’m tan all the time.  It’s the increased blood volume, it’s got nothing to do with high/low E.  I have it whenever I’m on.

So What to Do About It?

If you can’t figure out what’s going on based on symptoms – get blood work.  Then you’ll know for sure.  But it’s impractical and expensive to get blood work all the time.  Being able to properly diagnose off symptoms is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

You don’t want to not run an AI.  I did that in the beginning of my second cycle and sure enough E got way too high.  But you don’t want to overdose on your AI or your E will get too low. Honestly that is WORSE.

Just for an idea of how incredibly powerful AI’s are, my first cycle was 500mg / week of Test E.  I took.5mg of Arimidex every OTHER day and still drove my E into the ground.  Breaking my dick in the process.  From a HALF A MILLIGRAM every other day!  A-dex is no joke.

You can’t run no AI, or it will get out of control the other way.  I would start with.25mg M/W/F and adjust from there.

Of all the hormones Estrogen is by far the hardest to control, and has the WORST side effects if you don’t.  I couldn’t get a proper boner for 6 MONTHS while my E swung from too low to too high.

I’m advising you guys to not beat yourself up if that happens to you, and know it’s just a chemical imbalance. While that’s all true, it SUCKS.  You do feel like less of a man.  It’s horrible.  I lost a girl because of it, and lost my confidence for MONTHS after.

But getting the body I’ve always wanted is important to me and I’d do it all over again if I had to.

You can build muscle with a Testosterone level of 500 or 5,000.  And have very few side effects anywhere in that range.  But if your E2 gets out of this ridiculously small window of 20-30, you’re fucked.  So make sure you manage the symptoms on this list.  If in doubt, let yourself go too high over too low.  Low is the worse of the two.

Disclaimer - All of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. If steroids are illegal where you live, then don’t buy them. I’m not encouraging you to break the law


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